Just saying ……..

Hiiii! I’m home! What are all of you up to? ….. I’ve had a really long day at work and now I just want to shower and curl up on the couch. When you finish what you’re doing, …. can one of you order us some takeaway, … please?

Oh, must tell you! We had a business lunch today with those new clients starting that big project with our firm next month. We went to the revolving restaurant in the city with the stunning water views. I think we should go there as a family, you guys would love it!

Mostly it was business people there today but also some family groups. One of the families caught my eye because the kids were about your ages. At that table, no one was talking very much. They were all busy with their devices, adults and kids. Every now and then one of them passed their phone or tablet or phablet around the table so that the rest of them could admire a photo or smile at a message.

Just made me wonder, why they had bothered to come to lunch together since there wasn’t even eye contact between any of them! Sometimes they just nodded at each other when they sent a message to each other sitting right across that table.

Some of the younger ones in that group had headphones that matched their outfits and they looked so trendy. One of them even had the silver one that you desperately wanted last Christmas!

They all seemed to be dressed up for a special occasion and sure enough, a huge cake with 16 candles was brought out at the end of their meal. It was beautiful, with chocolate curls and silver sparklers. Of course, they all took photos of it and crowded around it for a selfie.

So far, they had taken photos of every drink and starter and main course they had been served along with some selfies with the restaurant logo in the background. You know, ….. all the things Dad and I complain about and you lot love. Everyone in the restaurant kind of sang a bit of ‘Happy birthday to you’ for them as the candles got blown out and then we continued our own conversations.

Watching that family, I felt so glad that when we go out to a restaurant as a family, we actually talk to each other.


Done. Now, I just need to click on ‘High Priority’ and hit ‘Send’