A Dear Old Friend

I miss you, as I sit here with my plastic stylus and touch screen. In yet another meeting at work, with the usual motley crew of team members and some well-pixellated individuals on video conferencing screens from other continents in vague time zones. I am scribbling notes on my screen in the margins of the financial report being presented to us. It is boring and my mind wanders…

I still remember the first time I met you. I was ten, at the shops with my grandfather and there you were, the star in a circle of your cousins and friends. A vision in dark green and gold.

I peered to have a closer look at you and you winked back. I connected with you instantly although I knew nothing about you except your name and we have remained good friends for over three decades. I learnt things about you as the days and months went by but not before upsetting you or sometimes hurting you. Yet, our friendship only grew stronger over the years.

Sometimes people laughed at us and told me I could have much better options. But nothing and no one could change my feelings about you. There were times when I thought I had lost you, when your body failed you but somehow they were always able to replace or repair something so you were as good as new again. I learnt so much from you; your sense of duty and purpose and the ability to keep on doing your best, till you had no more left in you to give.

You are truly special, always sharing what I feel. You shared my joy when I jumped up and down and your spurts of your laughter left very definite memories. When I was sad, you cried with me, making the ink smudge the writing on the page. You share my passion for writing; fresh, crisp pages of a book and the first word that marks yet another of our journeys across a blank page.

None of those who have come after you will ever compare. They will never have your class, your longevity and your sense of purpose, your lack of versions, adaptors and compatible models. I don’t know why they revere this lifeless, plastic stick that can write on a screen.

Fountain pen, you are a dear old friend.