A New Housemate

We have a new addition to our untidy and unruly family. We have been considering this for almost two years and finally a few weeks ago, we took the plunge.

She was more expensive than others like her in the shop, but definitely quieter, and better behaved than the rest of them. She is quite self-sufficient and needs minimum looking after. She needs no feeding or walks in the park. She’s not very cuddly but we knew that when we first saw her. My youngest child was so excited to see this new housemate that he followed her all around the house for the first few days. He picked her up and gently set her down in the correct direction when she seemed lost. Now we have all got used to her peculiar ways.

Occasionally she does try to chew carpet corners, play with shoe laces and tangle wires near my desk or the TV. She also loves to disappear under beds and other furniture. Last Tuesday, she set off our burglar alarm by going into a restricted zone.  The security company rang me to say there was a breach. I raced home from work to find her sitting calmly in an unexpected spot and blinking at me. It was really my fault, I had not set up the correct barriers for the burglar alarm. That incident was an exception.

She’s usually very good, does exactly as she is told and even puts herself to bed in the designated spot when she runs out of energy. She’s only been with us for a few weeks but we all love her so much. She’s gray and black with green eyes that change colour when she gets tired.


Her name is Rosie. She is our robotic vacuum cleaner.