HAPPY 2017…


We had a great New Year’s Eve party. Lots of friends, champagne, music and to finish- we watched fireworks on the beach. Happy New Year! Happy New Year! … we all said to each other. I could feel it in my bones, 2017- a great year.

Because in 2017….

  • I don’t have to work twice as hard as the men and in half the time to be considered on par with them in the office
  • I don’t have to compromise on my career if I take a break to start a family
  • No longer need to dress carefully because the way you dress will say a 100 things about you
  • House husbands are no longer in single digit percentages worldwide
  • Car mechanics no longer try to inflate the bill unless a man questions it
  • If the children misbehave, my parenting skills alone are not questioned, they are his children too
  • The media no longer discuss women’s clothes, shoes and accessories on the red carpet of every award function
  • I can miss a family gathering because of work and not be given a full court martial
  • I am not the sole coordinator of the children’s birthday parties, presents, relatives’ birthdays, friends’ anniversaries, dentist’s appointments, pet medication schedules and soccer game car pools
  • And my wages are equal – no pay gap by gender
  • ……


I got so excited by it all, I woke up. Sorry, girls……