Why I Decided To Quit My Job

  1. No one believed that I could have a busy weekday. People always asked, “Why? What are you doing?”
  1. No one believed that I didn’t like cooking and had to justify every takeaway meal
  1. They wondered why I did my grocery shopping at the weekend
  1. They were taken aback if I ever refused to babysit in the day
  1. I was expected to deliver forgotten lunches, homework and music instruments to school without fail
  1. They looked at me in complete astonishment when I opted to pay the $20 for school fundraising rather than bake cupcakes and help sell them
  1. They were shocked if I made intelligent conversation
  1. My home was expected to look immaculate at all times unless I was very ill or dead
  1. Everyone told me how lucky I was not to have a job, when I already worked for 3 people (1 frequently travelling husband + 2 offspring) who had a collective entourage of one – ME!
  1. I was always expected to be the last priority and the first volunteer for everything.


Living up to these expectations was just too hard. So I quit my job as housewife.